Welcome! My name is Javier; I’m a sculptor and also a nature’s lover and protector. I have created orderly living spaces where you can connect with yourself and take care of you while you are learning from Mother Earth.

Jabierans Space – Art, Nature and Silence, IS a place for retreat, therapy and art, located in the heart of nature, where you can meet with and develop yourself, organize your ideas, breathe, heal, contact directly with living nature and observe its charm…

Nace así Jabierans, espacio de Arte, Naturaleza y Silencio, un lugar de retiro, terapia y arte, situado en el corazón de la naturaleza, donde poder encontrarte contigo mism@, desarrollarte, ordenar tus ideas, respirar, sanar, establecer contacto directo con la naturaleza viva y observar su magia…

Our goal is to enjoy the order and beauty of nature, becoming active builders of a more harmonious, respectful and closer world.

Everything in order to develope consciousness.


Now, the time to share this space with other sensitive people and nature lovers has arrived. You can live in the nature, comfortably. The NEST is available for rent, to a person or a couple who loves quietness, silence and nature.